About The Company

RS FRAGRANCES INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED is a family owned firm. We create and manufacture world class fragrances at remarkably competitive prices. We expertise and provide our collection of fragrances to cater Fine Fragrances, Functional Fragrances and Tobacoo/Pan-masala Fragrances.

A completely holistic approach and meticulous research has helped the company scale new heights, since last over 50 years. What started as a simple trading house, is now a strong company with functional "experts" in every area of fragrances and fragrance manufacturing. Using the most advanced machinery with a highly qualified quality assurance staff allows us to maintain an edge over our closest rivals. The resultant depth of our experience in creating trendsetting perfumes is without parallel amongst our peers.

The group has been influential in gaining expertise in multiple customer service areas encompassing manufacturing, trading, designing, commerce, and real estate to name a few. Such large service arena is possible only with a sincere approach to growth and ethical principles which the group has shared throughout its business processes. The resultant business is the outcome of years of expertise in managing business operations and handling customerís requirements.