Mouth Fresheners and Pan Masala

In the domestic market of India, we have seen a habitual requirement and selling of pan masala and mouth-fresheners. Traditionally fragrances with Rose accent, Kewra accent, Vetiver accent, saffron accent, etc are used to create impactful freshness and attraction towards these products.

We at RSF being close to our heritage of attars, also provide a variety of attars, namely Ruh Khus, Ruh Kewra, Sandali-kewra, sandal-gulab, Heena, Shamama and many more.

Also by following the pattern, our perfumers have also been inspired by the trend setting fragrances like Fantasia, Krishna Musk, Fasli Gulab, and have created various other fragrances with Musk accords, Fougère accords, and floral accords.